Dear Black girl:

I know that 2020 was a rough year for you, It had to be! 

From marching down the street for George Floyd to waking up to another social media news of yet another black man gunned down,

 It had to be traumatic.

When do you ever catch a break?

If you aren’t going through the trauma, 

you are living your life trying to distress from it.

If you aren’t distressing from it, you are barely coping with it

Do you even recognize all that you constantly have to heal from?

Has trauma become so normal?

Do you know that healing is your birthright?

Enough is enough black girl.

This is your permission to breathe.

Below are four ways to improve your wellness in your lifestyle.

Follow the right people on social media.

Since the pandemic social media has now become the safest method of communicating with our family and friends. Since it has now become a part of our new community, it’s important that we are building this community with intention. The types of people we follow and the types of content we feed our brain has a lot of influence on how we view the world. It’s important that we are following people who have realistic pages so that we are not comparing ourselves to an unrealistic version of the life. Believe it or not, it affects our mental headspace. 

 It is also important that we follow people who inspire us, force us to step outside of the box, people who genuinely remind us that it’s okay to smile, and most importantly people we can learn tangible things from. The reality is that we undermine the power of social media but little do we know that it is powerful. Follow the right people and unfollow people who you are not inspired by. It’s not personal. While detoxing also implement a sense of balance within your communication streams. Make time to shut off all social devices so that you aren’t overwhelmed by all the energy lingering in your space. When you do this, it allows you to hear your own voice and to be more in tune with your intuition.

Your social media is your personal space and it’s up to you to create it how you envision it.  

Find a fitness routine that’s pandemic proof.

The gyms being closed isn’t an excuse to stand still while the weight piles up.  There are multiple ways to ensure that your mind, body, and soul are working collectively for your benefit. I have to admit the gym being closed was an excuse for me until I realized that I was getting stressed out because I wasn’t on my regular workout schedule. I got so sick of it that I finally got up and had to figure out other options. I tried working out at the parks for a while but realized that I wasn’t the type to do park workouts. Since that didn’t work I decided to incorporate protein shakes and hiking into my fitness routine. I used this as an opportunity to get familiar with different parts of Los Angeles and it’s been quite adventurous. My favorite hiking trail right now is the Palos Verdes Vicente Bluff Reserve trail. It has a beautiful lake view of the water and it is extremely peaceful and spiritual. The moral of the story is that there are multiple routines you can implement to ensure that your body and mind remain active while you handle your priorities. You might not be the girl that enjoys daily walks, but at home, yoga could be your thing. You never know where you might find peace of mind! Find a fitness routine that works uniquely for you and implement it now!

Find something new to explore creatively each month.

It’s easy to get consumed by the day to day that we forget to do the things we genuinely love. Life forces us to become an adult so fast that we forget to attend to our inner child. There are many ways to do it, and it begins by remembering what the younger version of yourself would genuinely love. Personally, the younger me loves to dance so every once in a while I head to youtube and google some choreography for the sole purpose of simply dancing. Last month I took a painting class and realized that I actually loved painting and sipping wine. As I stroked the paintbrush on the canvas I could feel every negative emotion leaving my body. It was such a healing experience. You might not like painting or dancing, so figure out something you love and do it without any reasoning but to embrace the art of living. Now if you aren’t a creative person and you enjoy reading, make sure to grab a copy of my new book and at least elevate your mindset. Doing this will help you elevate your lifestyle and creativity in general. 

Prioritize your Energy.

If it isn’t putting money in your pocket, helping you develop, or positively impacting you, then it can wait. Your time is important and you have to start thinking of the value of your time. Gone are the days where you make time for anyone and everything. It’s time to be selfish with your energy and invest it wisely. Be aware of the people who come along your journey simply to distract you from what’s important.  Be intentional with the daily activities you partake in, and make time for everything that matters to you first and figure out how you want to negotiate your leisure time.

Be your own valentine everyday.

When was the last you did something for yourself that you expected someone else to do for you? The crazy question right? Yes, I know! It’s time to take a break from your hectic schedule and do more of those things that you wish a partner would do for you. Buy yourself flowers randomly because you love how it makes you feel. Get dressed and head to a fancy restaurant with your friend. Make some time to head to the spa and give yourself the pampering that you truly deserve. This valentine, promise not to sit around pouting and waiting for someone to acknowledge you, and instead BE CONFIDENT and know that you are loved.

Lastly: While balancing and implementing these wellness tips, know that it’s okay to take your time through your process. There is no need to rush, compare, or beat yourself up. You are doing great and it’s important that you acknowledge this more and criticize yourself less.

This is your reminder to BREATHE…

Happy valentines day!

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