The first time I came across WurlD’s Instagram page, all I could think of was why I hadn’t met him a long time ago.  I was so flabbergasted by his appearance and creativity alone that when I first heard his project “AFROSOUL” I felt so grateful. His music had such a spiritual Afrocentric vibe that was so unique, It made me feel like I lived in the cosmos. After listening to a few of his other projects, it was obvious that he was not only what the industry was missing, but he would also inspire other artists with a unique style who hope to one day break into the industry someday.

I finally had the chance to chat with WurlD this week, to clear the speculations and truly understand who he is as an artist. While we were chatting what stood out to me was the “butterfly”. Me being such a spiritual person I know that butterflies are deep and powerful representations of life. They symbolize resurrection, rebirth, evolving and everything new. When I asked WurlD about the butterfly he told me the exact same thing. He mentioned that he chose the butterfly because he is constantly growing and defining himself, but he also wanted to put wings on his fans, and continuously encourage them to evolve. In a world where it’s easy to deflect from change, WurlD encourages us all to transform, ascend, and always reinvent ourselves.

To get the real inside scoop and find out more about him, check out the full interview below.

  • How did you come up with this stage name ?

 I’ve been inspired through art, music, and fashion and hope to inspire others through my unique art. The range in the sound of music inspired the name, WurlD

  • At what point did you realize you had a passion for music ? 

 Honestly, I don’t remember exactly when But its been since i was a kid

  • Being that you are Nigerian we’re your parents supportive of your decision to pursue music?   

Nah!!! Going to school, getting a degree or two, and securing a proper 9-5 job was their vision for me lol. I’m glad that they are fully supportive now and happy with my accomplishments.   

  •   At what point did it become important not to do dabble in music but to do it with conviction?

I started doing music full time the minute I finished college and gave my parents my certificates lol

  • What impact do you hope to have in the afrobeats industry?

 I love the idea of being the artist that brought something fresh and a new perspective to the term “African Artist”. We can truly compete with the best around world by executing our art with excellence

  • How do you hope your fans feel when they listen to your music?

  I want them to feel inspired, motivated, confident, loved, and cared for.

  • What are some challenges you have faced or you currently face in the music industry ?

 I feel like I’m on a road less traveled musically which makes it harder at times for people to understand or embrace immediately. 

  • How are you able to overcome these challenges?

I’ve been able to overcome these challenges through patience and consistency.

  • Why the butterfly?

The butterfly because I believe the evolution of the Caterpillar to a butterfly is similar to humans but we are constantly evolving with time. I’m constantly growing and redefining myself as a human and creative overall

  • Tell me more about Afro Soul. What was the inspiration behind it.?

When I created Afrosoul I really wanted to put wings on my fans on AfroSoul. Being fearless through my journey is important as people label me as different/unique etc. I also wanted to shine a light on the struggles of becoming and finding yourself through timeless songs.

  • What’s next for you? Any projects you are currently working on?

I’m currently in full album mode. Also, working on some amazing collaborations can’t wait to share.

To Keep up with him, make sure to follow his social media @thisiswurld and stay connected as he continuously evolves as artist.


  1. Lexiana on September 3, 2020 at 2:02 am

    Wow!!! WurlD is truly Unique and Amazing. That’s why I became his fan. Am gonna be his fan for Life. I Love his songs, His personality, and Everything about him. I Love Him Always and Forever 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋

    • Cynthia Godslaw on September 14, 2020 at 8:37 am

      yessss hun he is amazing!!! thanks for reading!!!

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