Styling celebrities while getting paid is probably the most exciting job in Los Angeles, but whats the real tea on life as a stylist? We caught up with Jyotisha Bridges, Celebrity stylist assistant to some of your favorite celebrities such as Teyana Taylor, Janelle Monae, Ariana Grande, and many more to find out all the behind the scene details on what her life is like.

After Working as a fashion PR Jyotisha wasn’t as inspired so she decided to take a risk and move to la to pursue her dreams. Transitioning into the industry wasn’t the easiest task but she networked aggressively, stayed in gratitude, and inspires us to all take a risk and follow our dreams.

So all aspiring stylists, listen up because Jyotisha is giving us all the juice as she continues to stamp her name in the fashion industry. Check out the interview below!

At what point of your life did you realize you had a passion for fashion?

Since I was a child, I spent hours in my room dressing up and putting together different looks. My mother bought me my first subscription to Vogue and Essence. I used to run home from school on the 4th of every month to find the magazines waiting for me. They were very sacred to me so I spent hours going through each fashion story studying the designers newest looks. I felt like I was being introduced to a secret fashion club. I would daydream about working in fashion and styling big celebrities going to fashion week. Watching my dreams become a reality now is so surreal.

Were you afraid when you transitioned to New York to come to Los Angeles to further your styling career? Did you originally have a backup plan?

I was not afraid of moving to LA from NY. I had family in LA and lived here when I was younger. I never had a backup plan, and I really had no idea what I wanted to do. I graduated from FIT in 2014 and worked in fashion PR and was miserable. I decided to move to LA and just figure it out. I always loved fashion and a few of my friends were stylists. I would assist them on projects in NY and I always loved it. So when I finally had the opportunity to start as a stylist assistant in LA I jumped on the chance.

Were you ever discouraged that you wouldn’t make it in the fashion business or even make a living doing it? Of Course! The fashion industry is very hard to break into. I am still working my way in. I have a long road ahead of me. I am now transitioning over from being a stylist assistant to building my own book and finding my own clients which in itself is a very intense journey.

You have worked with different celebrities such as Teyana Taylor, Janelle Monae, Kelis, Arianna Grande, and Meagan Good. What was the best experience for you, and who did you have the best time working with?

One of my favorite experiences was dressing Meagan God for Kimmel. The episode has not come out yet hence I did it a few days ago. It was my favorite experience because I was the key stylist. It was my vision for her and it came out beautifully. I can’t wait to share the photos. Plus I love Jimmy Kimmel. I am an actual fan, I’ve been to his show a few times to watch it live. I know I’m a nerd, but to go to his show and be able to meet him face to face was so cool. Not to mention I grew up admiring Meagan Good.

Describe your worst experience as a celebrity stylist and explain what that situation thought you?

I wouldn’t call it my worst experience, just a difficult situation that I learned a lot from. I was on tour with a girl group and during a performance to a sold-out stadium one of the girls pants ripped up the butt. I was mortified! I felt horrible for her. She ran off stage and I had to try my best to sew up the rip. It taught me about the importance of sourcing the proper quality fabrics and hiring the proper people to design and construct the pieces you want to bring to life.

What are the step by step guide for women looking to get into the fashion industry as a stylist?

Intern! Work with a stylist whose work you really admire. Take in every lesson the good and the bad so that you can later apply the things you like to your own career as a stylist.

Who are some of your fashion stylist inspirations?

Some of my favorite stylists are Law Roach, Jessica Paster, Diana Ross, Bianca Jagger, and Kahlana Brown.

Where do you imagine yourself and your career in the next 5 or more years?

I see myself being a head costumer on a network TV show and having a few celebrity clients on the side.

Tell us something about yourself that others may be surprised to know about you.

That I’m a very spiritual person. I know I could not do any of the work I do without the Lord guiding me. It’s not easy, but I know that my faith and my belief in myself will take me even further.

Being a #womeninfashion who takes care of business, while maintaining all other parts of life can be hard work! Tell us how you reset and take time out to care for your body and mind. What are your favorite outer and inner self-care rituals?

Yoga, meditation, prayer, and wine! I have been doing yoga for the last 2 months and it has helped me to unwind and keep my body in great shape. I’ve been meditating for 5 years now. It is a necessity that I meditate at least once a day. I try to get up at 4 am to meditate, I align my mind and spirit on the divine and get to understand God’s purpose for me every day. This practice is really essential to my life. The days I don’t meditate I see a huge difference in my day and progress. Prayer works for sure! When things are going good or bad I show gratitude for just being here. And who doesn’t like wine! I love wine!

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