When I think of patience the first thing that comes to mind is the driver that’s speeding only to approach a red light. I’m also reminded of being on the phone with customer service skipping the automated options only to scream “may I speak to a representative.” As human beings, we are always in a rush but the question remains where are we rushing to and how come the moment is never enough?.

Growing up my Nigerian mother used to tell me the phrase “tinye anya gi n’ala.” In English, it translates to put your eyes on the ground, be patient, and be focused. See I was the child and adult that was always in a rush. When I was asked to sweep the floor or handle chores, I would rush to complete it, and because of my impatience, I never completed the task correctly which resulted in starting all over. See then My mother was trying to teach me a lesson that I had no idea would be important to the success of my adulthood but this was a lesson I had to learn on my own. Being Impatient has caused me to miss certain opportunities simply because I wasn’t able to believe in the idea enough to see the results come to fruition. It brought me so much anxiety and stress in the past that one day I finally realized that life was bigger than me and there are a lot of things that are out of my control. I could either be the person that’s trying to fight the current or I could be still and ride the wave. See Learning the importance of patience has not only allowed me to manifest the perfect experiences but it has also made me a believer of divine timing. Patience has changed my life in so many ways, and I believe that it can change yours.

Here are some ways that patience can help you improve your life.

Patience can help you have more gratitude :

On February 14th, I let my little brother use my car out of the kindness of my heart, only to receive a 2 am call that my car had crashed and totaled. At that moment I wanted to be the person I used to be. The girl that wanted to yell and play the blame game but I didn’t. Instead of being angry, I decided that I would take a step back, breathe, and be patient with him. I assured my brother that everything was going and we would move forward from this. Although my insurance didn’t cover the accident because of the type of accident it was I was still happy. A part of me was a bit somber in regards to how I would get around but I left it up to the universe. Between losing my car, the next week I received an opportunity to work for a millionaire and I was able to fly the county first class to work all expenses paid and I didn’t need a car out there. The beautiful thing about this fragment of my life was that because of my patience I was able to see all the other great things that were happening for me. Sometimes when we are impatient we tend to forget about the greener side of the grass. It all starts with perspective. You may be stuck in traffic but being stuck in traffic could have prevented you from being in an accident that could have happened if your trip wasn’t delayed by 5 mins. I encourage you to change your mindset and find gratitude in the period of waiting. It will change your life.

Patience Turns Ideas into Creations.

Have you ever had an idea but because you didn’t see the results right away you assumed it was a bad idea? We all have! This is exactly what impatience does, it had the power to destroy dreams. It’s not always that your ideas are not good, it’s just that you are expecting the results to happen on your timeline, instead of focusing on the work and letting divine timing take its course. Cynbycyn taught me the importance of patience. When I first started my blog I was devastated that I didn’t know how to blog, story tell, or use social media strategically. I would post my work or quotes on my page and most times there were a lot of crickets. Looking back, I’m flabbergasted because if anyone would have told me that now I would be a stellar writer, and people would love my work I would have said shut up! But this is what happens when you allow time to take its course.  It’s been two years and I’m barely seeing the fruits of my work, and it feels great. If I allowed my hastiness to discourage me then you wouldn’t be reading this article today. If you are working on an idea I want you to know that you will face challenges but your patience will allow you to overcome any roadblock and come out triumphantly.  Stay the course because in due time you will get the results you have been waiting for.

Patience ushers empathy and brings peace

Once upon a time I used to be the person to say “look I don’t really care about what you have to say just run me my coins” or something as ignorant as that. Funny thing is most times when I had that attitude I never got my way and it made me more angry.  My lack of patience was actually making me out to be a person that was nonchalant and lacked understanding and it was terrible. In the past I had gotten into situations where I would meet someone and try to rush the process. I wanted to force things into happening my way instead of realizing that I don’t have control over where people are in their lives or even how they choose to treat me . We have all experienced this emotion too. Meeting a girl or a guy and expecting that they should be where we are instead of being okay with the moment. Just because you want to be in a relationship with someone doesn’t mean that they are ready for that and patience teaches you to understand this perspective. When you are okay with the moment,  you become compassionate enough to really understand why the other person feels as they do, and it allows you to have more peace. 

Although the world we live in has made impatience a thing, I promise you that with a little bit of patience your life will become more happier. Life is about living in the present moment so sit back, reflect on what triggers you, and start accepting that there is nothing better than the NOW. I love you.


  1. Alex on May 21, 2020 at 3:32 pm

    Great article.
    I’m proud of you keep growing and keep creating..

    • Cynthia Godslaw on August 26, 2020 at 7:37 am


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