4 Best Ways To Secure The Job

Very often I overhear my peers talking and venting about not being able to get the job they want. The conversation usually goes along the lines of explaining the frustrations of pulling all-nighters to get a degree that didn’t hold up the end of the bargain or just simply not being able to find a job in general. What a lot of people fail to understand is with or without a degree, getting the job you want is a gradual process, and everyone has to start from somewhere and climb their way up the ladder. Whether you are a recent college graduate, or a young person just looking to take control of your career and get that entry-level position, here are 5 best ways to secure the bag and step into an entry-level position that could possibly skyrocket the rest of your career.


1. Doing Your Due Diligence:

A lot of us get so frustrated with the job searching process, that we forget the most important parts. Before I broke into the sales and marketing industry I had no idea I would ever be good at that because I started off as a nursing major. But After making the decision that I was no longer interested in nursing, what I did was I picked up a sheet of paper one day and took the time to analyze my strengths compared to my weaknesses. While doing this I realized that I loved to be in fun environments, I enjoyed talking to people with the consultative approach, I also enjoyed working out, and I loved the beauty and makeup industry. I also realized that I hated being confined to boring environments, I hated numbers, and I couldn’t sit in one spot to save my life. That’s when I realized I needed a job that would help me hone in on strengths so that I could be happy while working and doing what I love. Based on my strength and weakness assessment, my final three options came down to trying to work for a makeup company, getting a waitress job, and trying sales. Now that I had these three options, I now able to begin composing my resume, and making my job search more targeted.

2. The next step is the resume :

Think of your resume as the first time you give a stranger your Instagram handle. It’s the only real proof of your life’s work and accomplishments. The most important thing to know when constructing a resume is to highlight your recent accomplishments throughout your career. The resume is your only way to document all the work you have done to exemplify what makes you special for the job. Make sure to add all the awards you received, certain benchmarks you were able to hit, and factual numbers. Another thing to remember when writing your resume is adding keywords. Keywords are descriptions of your skill set that industry insiders and recruiters use to describe themselves and others within that specific profession.

For example: A keyword in the sales industry would be prospecting. There is absolutely no way you could talk about a sales role without plugging in a word like prospecting. The next tip is paying attention to your timeline at your previous jobs. It’s always great to show that you stayed at a position for at least a year because it shows that you have a certain level of grit and commitment, and you care. And lastly you can’t forget about the reference. A reference is simply someone at your previous position who can vouch for the quality of work you have done. A reference is usually the hiring manager, and sometimes even a co-worker. I always add all my co-workers on LinkedIn, and I also make sure to get their phone numbers, because you never know when it might come in handy. You know what they say, your network is your net worth, so always be forward thinking.

3. The next step is the application :

Applying for a job is actually the easy part. Contrary to popular belief, the goal is not to do 10 applications at a time, but instead maybe 5. Being targeted will help make sure that you are prepared. You also have to stay on the same track when applying for a job. If you are applying for a sales job, do all sales applications, If marketing interests you the most, apply for all marketing jobs so you stay targeted. When applying, do as much research on the company, so you can figure out what the best jobs looks like for you. Do you want to apply for a startup company, or something more corporate. Are you interested in getting as much benefits, or is that not a priority? Does location matter to you? Because I personally love working on the beach, and that’s becoming a requirement. Crazy I know. The next step after figuring out what kind of job you want, is to apply on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is like the Instagram for business. You can find every reputable business professional on the platform connecting with other professionals, so work this to your advantage. Search the company you are applying for and message the talent manager with an introduction of who you are, while asking if it’s ok to send an attachment of your resume and cover letter. If you don’t hear back from them, try messaging other people within the company. This is a hunt, and its survival of the fittest to secure the job that you want, so always go the extra mile. Lastly the cover letter should include all your accomplishments at your previous roles as it applies to who you are as a distinct individual, while at the time selling yourself to show the company that you are the best fit. After doing all this, you should be in the best position to apply for the position and prepare to be called in for the interview.

4. Kill the interview and Secure the job:

You kill the interview by doing research on the company prior to walking in, to show true interest of wanting to add value. Understand what makes this company special within the industry, look at the mission statement on the website, and also pay close attention to your job requirements and think about the impact your role has on the overall goal of the company. Also make sure to pay attention to the company’s culture by looking at the clothes they wear, to give you an idea of what to wear for your interview, then purchase a folder with 3 copies of your resume and cover letter, then walk into the interview. While in the interview, you want to fluently communicate your job history to the employer, highlighting your accomplishments at your previous role. You have to show that you are extremely confident in your ability to fulfill the job requirement, and also show that you are sincerely engaged by bringing a list of questions to ask the employer, and finally Seal the deal with a smile, a firm handshake, and of course secure the bag. The last tip is simply send a thank you letter showing gratitude for the interview invite. Remember that companies interview multiple people before cutting down to a particular interview number, so sitting in that interview is a blessing that should always be appreciated. Please comment below if you have any questions or other methods that has helped you secure the bag.


  1. Kris on March 30, 2018 at 12:50 am

    Great advice!

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    I love this movement ! I SUPPORT ! This has inspired me !

  3. Jully Godslaw on March 30, 2018 at 4:54 am

    You are right, keep it up..

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    I’m so happy and excited for this!!!!!! Watching your insta snap !! Give me the courage to actually pursue my goals!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much Cynthia !!!!!!

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    I’m so proud and happy for you my dear. Finally!!! ❤️

  6. Fanisha Muepo on April 25, 2018 at 1:54 am

    It truly warms my heart to see the success of my former student Cynthia. I am proud of you being a shining example to your peers, family and community. I would love to contact you in the near future to share your skills in a workshop to my College Prep Academy students. How can I get in contact with you? Best, Mrs. Muepo

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