5 Ways To Keep Your Attitude In Check

Attitude is one the most important attributes that can make or break a person. Being a young adult it’s something that I have struggled with for a very long time. But as I get older, I am realizing that everything that life has to offer begins with my attitude and perception, and I have control over every circumstance life throws at me. I am learning that it’s not always about keeping a great attitude when things are going great. It’s particularly about keeping the right attitude when put in an uncomfortable situation that speaks the most about who you truly are. I have dealt with several situations in the past that could have been so much easier only if I kept the right attitude. Here are 5 things I am continuously implementing in order to keep my attitude in check and continue to radiate positivity.

1. Keeping A Positive Mindset:

The biggest thing about attitude is remembering to see everything in a positive light before thinking about the worst possible option. When you train your mind to think good thoughts instead of bad, you determine your reality. Just the other day at work I was frantic because I thought I was not going to hit my bonus, but instead of being angry and letting that defeat me throughout my day, I stayed calm and proclaimed good thoughts. By the end of the day, I had a client call in and I was able to close the deal. My coping mechanism comes from always remembering that no matter how angry I want to become, the decision is mine to be happy and if I can continue to practice that, the universe will always work in my favor and bless me.

2. Language Is Everything:

Language is all about the details. Growing up in a Nigerian family that was extremely religious, my mother always taught me that there is power in words, and she was right. Words have power, and it can impact us as well as everyone around us. A couple of years ago when my life was lacking direction I would always tell my mom things that I wanted to accomplish but my vocabulary was always something like, “ I think I can do it.” and looking back in the past I understand why I was never able to make things happen for myself. It was simply because I never truly believed I could, and nothing that came out of my mouth was a positive affirmation. The moment I made the decision to nurture my language and replace “I can’t” with “I can” everything changed. I began doing things I thought I never could. I was able to get to my fitness goals, start my career, even launch a blog which is still unbelievable to me. But guess what, It took every day of speaking things into existence even when the odds were against me. So as you go about your normal day, try to always pay attention to the things you say, how you say it, and watch your attitude and life change before your eyes. You can even post up flashcards on your wall with positive words that breathe life into you, so every day you wake up you can speak those words to yourself before heading out the door.

3. Decide What’s At Stake:

The first question I ask myself when I get into a situation that pushes me to the limit is, “what have I got to lose?”. Imagine your favorite artist getting into a physical situation, the result is instant loss of endorsement deals. Now just because you may not have an endorsement deal doesn’t mean there isn’t something to lose. When you hit the breaking point in the heat of the moment you have to think of everything good that’s going for you besides that uncomfortable situation, Pull yourself together and think about how you could be the bigger person in the situation. You can also try different breathing exercises as you walk away from the situation. If that doesn’t work, cut out a picture of the most important thing to you and put it in your wallet. So whenever things start going wrong and you are forced to act out, look at that picture and take a step back. And always remember that nothing in this world is worth your peace so always keep it together as a girl boss should.

4. Find Your Tribe:

You are not the only one trying to be the only one. Someone else shares the same perspective as you, or have been through it also. Whenever the situation gets tough for you, grab a glass of wine, reach out to your inner circle of strong girlfriends and vent you might be surprised to find out that they might have gone through the same situations and might have different ways to handle it. Surround yourself with people who help you check your attitude, remind you that there are better things in store for you, and constantly encourage you to let go and find peace. Always open up your heart and let your environment empower you when your tide is feeling low.

5. Time For Recharge :

Leave yesterday where it is, in the past. Just know that no matter what happens, there will always be a new day, a fresh start, new mistakes, and new success. Think about the things you have been through in the past that you thought you could never get past, now think of where you are now. You are that woman that is continuously growing past everything you could be. And so what if every once in a while your attitude is not what you expect it to be. Dust your shoulders off, wipe your tears, go to bed and wake up with a clear mind, and a decision to become better than yesterday. Comment below and let me know what you plan on doing to keep your attitude in check.

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    The article I didn’t know I needed! Thank you Cyn!!!

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