4 Ways to Jump Out of Your Comfort Zone

My comfort zone has been the difference between the person I was a couple of years ago, versus the person I continue to aspire to become everyday. My whole life I started to get into the routine of doing everything the same way that I never wanted to try anything out of the norm. Sometimes trying something new sounds so easy, but it could be so hard at the same time. Part of the reason why is the fear that our mind unconsciously builds. But the secret to getting past that fear is trying new things, and stretching yourself. The moment I realized that my comfort zone was creating a physiological barrier for me, I changed things and began feeling more happier and productive. Here are four things I changed to help me get out of my comfort zone.


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  1. Find new ways to do the same things: Believe it or not one of the things I constantly did to stay in my comfort zone was taking the same route to work every day. I was so terrible at doing things differently than I used the GPS to drive to a job I had for over a year. I didn’t need the navigation because I knew the route but I was always just scared to drive without the help and I felt like taking a different route was pointless if the same route would take me to the same destination. My state of mind at this time was skewed and keeping me from seeing the bigger picture which was that I was not going to die if I turned off my navigation, and the worst thing that could happen was that I found multiple ways to do one thing, which would actually teach me a thing or two. Anyway, one day I decided to drive without my GPS, and it felt good. I felt a sense of control like I drove to work safely without the help and I was fine. The next day I decided to take a different route, and on the way, I actually got to admire different areas of the city that I could never have found if I didn’t take a different route to work. The point is that whether the change is big or small, it doesn’t matter, as long as you do something different that you are not particularly used to, that is jumping out of your comfort zone. Don’t hold yourself back from the endless possibilities and adventures of life because of a fear that you created for yourself.  
  2. Reading a lot more: The only time reading was on the menu for me, was when it came with a side of a grade or rewards. I used to be stuck thinking I couldn’t possibly spend my money on a book, and when I had assignments you couldn’t even pay me to read. But the mistake I made with this perspective was thinking of the book instead of thinking of the reward which was the opportunity to expand my knowledge. Until one day when my boyfriend personally walked me into Barnes & Nobles to pick up the book “Girl Boss”. I couldn’t believe I used my own money to make the purchase, but doing this thought me what it took to go from just a state of mind of a basic girl to a girl that is goal oriented, career driven, and beats the odd to achieve the unachievable. Simply walking into the store and grabbing that book has changed me into a  person that is more comfortable reading, whether it be an actual book or an audiobook, I am more curious to learn new things, and because of that my knowledge is expanding in ways I would never have imagined. Truth is that it could take that one tweak, to change your whole life but you will never find out until you make that jump and do something you really think you could never have. 
  3. Creating a goal that inspires growth: Cynbycyn is definitely something that is constantly pushing me to get out of my comfort zone. I’m still not as confident in my writing skills, but creating a blog is forcing me every day to perfect the skill. I never thought that I was that much of a creative person, but building a brand is causing me to ignite different areas of my creativity, for example, learning skills like photoshop, or understanding how to use certain tools to enhance my productivity. Speaking in front of a camera is also a skill cynbycyn is teaching me, and it still baffles me because I was always one of the girls who would make silent videos and pout but these days I’m learning to express myself more through my words and thoughts. The point is to find something you are passionate about or create a goal for yourself that would create a task for you to help you get out of your comfort zone, and before you know it, you are looking back at your life thanking yourself for all the things you gave a shot.
  4. Doing things in small steps: Getting out of that comfort area is probably the most difficult yet rewarding thing I have ever done. But I didn’t start just jumping into it I definitely started small. So whether it’s just trying a different nail color because you usually walk in and ask for the cappuccino that’s still getting out of your comfort zone. Do not discredit your efforts because it’s not something someone considers a big goal or change. As long as you try to do something that isn’t within the norm of what you usually would do, it’s good enough. Just remember to keep tabs on the things you do on a daily basis and ask yourself if there is a different way to do that, and if there is try it! Try things you could never have imagined yourself doing, get more creative, and do all this at your own pace.

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