Are you the type of person that craves a challenge? A visionary that thrives off problem-solving and hard work? Or maybe you enjoy learning new things? You might just be a Leader. If you have found you are naturally inclined to leadership positions within your organization you might be wondering the steps to officially take it to the next level at your job.

Here we have provided a list of tasks you can use to get that promotion you so readily desire.

  1. || Be Your Authentic Self

CEO and Founder of publication, Cynthia Godslaw often describes her past endeavors in the healthcare industry as “her unauthentic self”. She states that “It wasn’t until I stepped into my current role as a sales executive that I was more fulfilled”

If you wish to be promoted begin by assessing whether our not your strengths and weaknesses work within your field before approaching a leadership role. Make sure you are committed to a position that allows you to be yourself.  

Then, think about what makes you different from everyone at the office and what makes you stand out!

Another strategy is to interpret what skills you have outside of the job that you can bring into the workplace to make the culture better.

This will lead to more satisfaction when applying for that promotion as you have promoted a culture of individuality.

2. ||  Set Career Goals. Be Goal-Oriented.

A wise CEO once said, “walk-in already thinking about leveling up.” Before you walk into any position already have a plan on how you wish to use your skills to enhance the company. Once in the position, you should then begin strategizing on how to can get that done!  The first step in achieving this is writing out your goals. Visualize where you want to see yourself in 1to 2 years. Map out the steps to reach your goals. Whether it be sitting with your direct supervisor or writing them down personally in a notebook make sure your goals are set. Then,

Take those steps week by week and month by month. Never focus on the big goal, always break it down and achieve your goals in increments.

This will allow you to tackle your goals and achieve that promotion day by day.

3. ||  Make Yourself Indispensable. Be Irreplaceable.

Once you’ve set your career goals,  recommends “own projects from start to finish.” Organizations place a great deal of value on individuals who follow through on tasks. If you can prove that you can consistently own projects from start to finish, you will not only get promoted, but you’ll also make yourself indispensable. This will make it difficult to say no once you inquire about a promotion as you have proven yourself to be irreplaceable.  

4. || Keep Learning. Take initiative.

In the current global market, soft skills are just as important as technical skills. Companies value team players, likeability and most importantly, open-mindedness. Once at a job, come in with the state of mind that you don’t know everything. Always be prepared to unlearn. Constantly take time out to sit with your boss to tackle what you can do better and collaborate on projects you like to spearhead because you may not know what you can learn by teaching others.

5. ||  Communicate your want for the Promotion It seems quite simple, but expressing your desire for a particular promotion is very helpful. Often management will tell you what you need to do to get the position if they know you want it.  However, sometimes management may not know you want it or has not thought of you as a candidate, especially if it’s outside of your current department. This leads us to the next step in communicating your way to a promotion: Timing

6. || Time Yourself Accurately Timing is essential in asking for a promotion.  Do not ask for an opportunity if you have not worked at the organization long enough (one year).

Asking for a promotion too soon may make you seem overzealous and entitled. However, proving yourself over a consistent time period may be more appropriate.

Once you have put in the time, be ready to negotiate if your first request is not accepted immediately.

7. Always Expect to Negotiate!

When you walk into the meeting to ask for the promotion it’s important to remember it’s still a negotiation! Expect to be questioned then present the facts as to why you deserve the promotion. Show off your pink notebook with any and all stats and accolades that you have brought in starting from day one at the company. Show how consistent you’ve been at excelling in all projects you’ve been given and also talk about your influence at the office (if you have any as mentioned earlier)

8.  || Continue to Keep Learning & Take initiative.

Once again, soft skills are just as important as technical skills. Show you are up for the challenge of learning and taking recommendations. This will serve you if a second promotion negotiation is needed  Continue to constantly take time out to sit with your boss to tackle what you can do better and collaborate on projects.

Whether or not you receive the promotion, keep learning and take initiative.

Also, don’t be afraid to take charge and show leadership potential. Companies love new ideas. Initiatives that change the status quo often take organizations to the next level. Become the individual that break records and inspires new ideas through your learning and initiatives.

9. || Always Be a Team Player. Be collaborative.

Raise Other Team Members’ Performance. Studies have shown companies look for people who are completing their assignments and asking what that next task is going to be. Leadership look for individuals that help their colleagues instead of stepping on them in their climb up the ladder. Companies love to promote people on their team who raise the performance of everybody around them.

In fact, periodically joining co-workers during lunch or on coffee breaks shows and builds rapport amongst your team. This sort of information does get to management and they take these things into consideration when promoting.  

10. || Network with the Right People.

Lastly, the saying often goes it’s not what you know but who you know. Expert professionals often testify to the same fact. In fact, adding your colleagues on LinkedIn isn’t a bad idea because you never know where someone might end up! Just because one works for your company now who knows where life will take them! They might be the VP of a company you love one day and in the position to give you a future promotion so if they know you, that’s always good.

Ultimately, when asking for a promotion be your biggest advocate. Document your successes. Don’t be afraid to show your boss what you have contributed. Take initiative. Make friends with a few people and create a culture of new ideas and motivation! But most importantly, be humble, inquisitive, passionate, and hungry. This will take you to the next level.

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