Masterclass for Millennials who desire to write their own story and create their own success

How I Broke Tradition As a Millennial And Living Life On My Own Terms...

A 90 minute intensive webinar to teach you...

  • 4 steps to change your mindset and create your own reality 

  • 3 ways you can create your own path in business and workplace to find freedom in your life

  • #1 reason why you must play by your own rules to get ahead


Find the push to help you blossom.

Webinar for Millennials Who Desire To Write Their Own Story & Create Their Own Success.

Are you fed up of adhering to your parent's version of how you should live your life?

Are you ready to carve your own path?

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Latest Articles

How To Be Okay With Failing

By Elizabeth Obi | May 16, 2019

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can achieve greatly.” ~ Robert F. Kennedy In 2015, I started a business – A magazine. I had vision, celebrity interviews lined up, put in time behind it, had investors and 2 years after I launched, it failed. At the time I was a full-time university student and…

Meet: Jyotisha Bridges, The Celebrity Stylists Aspiring Us To Follow Our Dreams! 

By Elizabeth Obi | April 9, 2019

Meet Jyotisha Bridges, Stylist to the stars!

Boundaries And The Importance Of Having Them

By Elizabeth Obi | March 25, 2019

In the era of self-care and self-love, the word “boundary” seems to be one that is thrown out a lot but honestly, thank God for it because I’m not quite sure how I survived before acknowledging them. Growing up I used to wear my sister’s clothes without asking her. I would wait until she left…

10 Ways To Get That Work Promotion

By Elizabeth Obi | February 25, 2019

Are you the type of person that craves a challenge? A visionary that thrives off problem-solving and hard work? Or maybe you enjoy learning new things? You might just be a Leader. If you have found you are naturally inclined to leadership positions within your organization you might be wondering the steps to officially take…

Introducing You To Your Highest Potential

By Elizabeth Obi | January 28, 2019

Have you ever thought to yourself “I want to do better”..  When you’re at home, in your car or at work and you begin to daydream about who you’d like yourself to be… Who do you see?  Some people might call that idea a “Potential Self” but how do you reach her? And what happens…

Meet: “Rocky” the artist who inspires us to continuously chase our dreams and paint our own reality

By Cynthia Godslaw | June 9, 2020

The best part about life is that no matter what our reality is, we get to paint and visualize the life that we want to embody. I have always been fascinated by artists and painters, but what’s even more fascinating to me is the creative process of a painter. The other day I had the…

How Patience Can Improve Your Life

By Cynthia Godslaw | May 21, 2020

When I think of patience the first thing that comes to mind is the driver that’s speeding only to approach a red light. I’m also reminded of being on the phone with customer service skipping the automated options only to scream “may I speak to a representative.” As human beings, we are always in a…

4 Ways to Cope with Depression

By Cynthia Godslaw | April 24, 2020

You are not alone…. We live in a world that glamorizes being in a constant state of happiness so much that we rarely discuss the reality of life and how the pressure can cause us to feel a whirlwind of emotions. Typically when I log on to social media everyone looks excited. So excited that…

4 Ways to Stay Positive While you Quarantine.

By Cynthia Godslaw | April 3, 2020

The universe has a funny way of showing us that we are not in control. We could wake up one day and our lives could completely change and there is nothing we can do about it. I would have never imagined that I would be in a situation where I am being forced to stay…

How to Manage Your Expectations.

By Cynthia Godslaw | September 5, 2019

Often times we envision a perfect picture of how we hope things happen, but doing this can be extremely dangerous to our happiness. It not only results in disappointment on most occasions, but it also takes us out of the flow of life in general. I mean think about it. If life always ended up…

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